Highly acclaimed Orbi technology powered by FastLane3

Orbi Pro is really a great option for small businesses. Orbi Pro provides a stable, flexible network that can handle a lot of devices. Mac Sources Full Review
Orbi Pro offers small businesses a flexible plug-and-play solution for quickly setting up networks suitable for internal staff, customers and members of the public. ZDNet Full Review
Techzine gives the Orbi Pro a 9.2 out of 10 rating and a Gold Award. Netgear has again delivered an excellent Wi-Fi system Techzine Full Review

Goodbye wires

No wiring required thanks to a fast, dedicated wireless connection between router and satellite


Business-minded WiFi

All the business features you need for fully secure, blazing fast WiFi

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Setup is a breeze

Preconfigured and ready out of box, use the Orbi app to setup your Business WiFi in minutes and monitor it from anywhere with the Insight app


Grows with your business

Connect additional satellites to add more coverage to your business WiFi indoors and outdoors


Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000

Maximize the WiFi speeds you are paying for, to every inch of your business and beyond

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Add-on Orbi Pro Satellite

Need More?

Orbi Pro WiFi Satellite

Adds up to 2,500 square feet of coverage to the Orbi Pro WiFi System. With gigabit Ethernet ports to expand network connections.


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Need outdoor coverage for your Orbi Pro?

Add-on Orbi Outdoor Satellite

Extend high-performance WiFi coverage outdoors by up to an extra 2,500 sq. ft. with this weather-resistant, add-on Orbi Outdoor Satellite. Enjoy uninterrupted WiFi for your guests on your terrace or parking lot. Requires Orbi Pro Router included with your existing Orbi Pro WiFi System.


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Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60B03)

Convenient 3 pack bundle to cover up to 7,500 square feet.

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Ready for Business WiFi everywhere?

Discover Orbi Pro technology and performance and see how it is designed for your business.

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